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Founded by fellow 300M owners, the Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club is truly a one of a kind club that combines a unique car with a group of people that are welcoming, knowledgeable, and always willing to help. The club is much more than an online forum; it is a tool that enables people to meet and share their passion for the 300M. There is a wealth of information that is shared by club members and events that happen all over the world. When joining, each paying member receives a personalized membership packet in the mail with a membership card, certificate of membership and Club window decal for your M.


The knowledge that is available to members of the 300M club is a service that very few other forums come close to. The club has many experts with years of dedicated experience with the LH platform. There are how-to write-ups for just about any routine service that is needed. Even the most intensive repairs are outlined and available for members to look at. The club also has a lot of members with modified cars so you can get ideas for your own M and discuss your modifications. Additionally, our website also contains links to many resources for parts and service.


The events that the members of the 300M Club put together are a special part of the club. At them, you are able to meet the people you talk to online and swap stories about your Ms. Some of the events feature awards that help to highlight the fine work that our members have put into their cars and you are eligible for these awards as a paying member of the club. The awards cater to just about every M owner out there and are a thrill to win. Other events are specifically to execute maintenance and work on the cars. The club has previously had meets in Europe, California, Pennsylvania, Ocean City MD, Las Vegas, Florida, and even has a meet around the Indy 500 each year. By attending a meet you will meet fellow members that will become lifelong friends.

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More Than A Club

The 300M Enthusiasts Club has been a special part of Keith's life since he first became a member in 2002. More recently, his involvement on the Board of Directors and serving as the Club President has allowed Keith to have a greater impact on the future of the club.

Personally, the club has not only been a resource for information regarding the 300M but has become a group that is as close as family. The relationships that have been created over the years are deep and all started with the warmest welcome at Keith's first meet in 2003. This connection stretching as far as two members being groomsmen at Keith's wedding, the wife of a member being a reader, and many club members in attendance to celebrate. Both the bride and groom would agree that a favorite picture from that day is them, in front of a line of Ms parked in front of the mansion where their reception was held. The bond that this club has runs deeper than the rides for sure, they're family by choice!