Build Story

In seeking his second 300M, 300M Club President Keith Jarvis knew too much for his own good about what he was getting. After seeking out and considering many 300Ms none were meeting his high standards. A club member in Texas contacted Keith about selling his 300M and Keith knew this was the one to buy. After an exchange of pictures and negotiation, Keith bought a one-way ticket to Texas and never looked back.

Arriving in Texas with new license plates, Keith found the car parked in long-term parking with a care package in side. After leaving the airport parking lot and changing the plates, Keith was on his way home with his new 2002 300M Special.

Keith drove through thirteen states, in twenty six hours! He slept for only a few hours in the M and met a fellow club member for lunch in Virginia on the way. Arriving at the first destination, Somerset, New Jersey, for a mechanic overhaul Sunday morning, Keith worked with a fellow club member to perform some important maintenance.
Arriving back at home to Massachusetts on Monday morning just in time to head to work, M-Pressive's story had only just begun!

The spring of 2013 found Keith executing lots of his modification ideas and transforming M-Pressive into a show car. Having previously done some more outrageous mods to past cars, Keith wanted to be true to what the 300M is, enhance its luxury, and highlight the impressive vehicle Chrysler made for only five years.

2014 found Keith showcasing M-Pressive at local and area shows with great success. Happy with how the car looked but never completely satisfied with feeling as though the modifications were complete. Red became a color theme heavily implemented throughout the entire car and many lights were installed.

Keith had a unique opportunity to install a custom modification on M-Pressive the spring of 2015. Working with Sudden Impact Customs in Whitman, MA, a one of a kind air ride system was created and M-Pressive became bagged. The trunk became a showcase with a 32" TV, a full size spare display with wood floor, and speakers. The interior was also overhauled with custom rear seat bucket seats, reverse pro-am leather seats, and the removal of some red accents. New 20" gold Ace Alloy rims were added and as a result gold will now be the secondary color theme of M-Pressive.

More great things are in sight for M-Pressive - a color change, custom rear console, and other one of a kind modifications to come!

Texas M
First Picture of the M Taken While Picking the Car Up in Texas.

Owner Bio

Keith Jarvis

While M-Pressive is emerging on the show scene, Keith Jarvis is not. Having owned and modified six previous vehicles, he's won numerous awards and learned how to best showcase his cars. He built and showed his original 2002 Chrysler 300M Special, a 2002 Lincoln LS, a 2005 Mercedes-Benz C230 Kompressor, a 2008 Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic, a 2010 Mercedes-Benz C350, and his current 2002 Chrysler 300M Special. Each car has featured many one-of-a-kind parts and modifications that showcase the imagination of their owner.

After the Mercedes-Benz C300 was taken from him in a terrible accident that he was lucky to walk away from, Keith decided to purchase another 300M and build it into a show winner. Over the past three years of modifying the vehicle, Keith has aimed at building something that has not yet been done and would be unique to the LH platform.

In addition to designing and creating one of a kind show cars, Keith works for a small digital marketing firm where he manages Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their larger clients. When not at work or in the driveway working on his M, Keith and his wife enjoy spending time with their corgi, Joey, and vacationing. Keith continues to be an active member of the 300M Enthusiasts Club and currently is a member of the club's Board of Directors serving as the club President.