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Click these links to check out the specific modification pages for M-Pressive. Each one contains details about the transformation of the car from stock to show.

Mod List

160 Amp Police Intrepid Alternator
300M Logo on Hood Liner
Black Power Steering Cap
Chrysler Letters on Sight Shield
Custom Painted Plenum
Lighted Clear Fusebox Cover
Metallic Red Valve Covers
Mobil One Oil Cap
Mopar Sight Shield
Polished Timing Belt Cover
Red LED Engine Lighting

Engine Bay Modifications

Custom 2002 Chrysler 300M Special Engine Bay

Right off the line, the 300M had a nice looking engine bay. To enhance this, M-Pressive has been given a custom painted plenum which brings the theming under the hood. This creates drama and draws attention.

Custom 2002 Chrysler 300M Special Engine Bay

Accompanying the metallic red valve covers and polished timing belt cover, these enhancements allow the modifications to be carried throughout the entire car. A red engine bay kit also draws the light theme into the engine bay to give M-Pressive an all around modification.

Custom 2002 Chrysler 300M Special Engine Bay

Finally, M-Pressive has is a sight shield with Chrysler lettering. Both original parts, these have been combined to offer customization and creative use of stock parts. Finally, a custom painted heat shield with the 300M Special logo completes the entire engine bay and draws in many views.