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Click these links to check out the specific modification pages for M-Pressive. Each one contains details about the transformation of the car from stock to show.

Mod List

20” Ace Alloy Gold SL-M Rims
235/35/20 Tires
300M Black Plate Frame
35% Window Tint
3rd Bulb Brakelight Mod
6000K HID Headlight Bulbs
BAGGDM Vanity Plates
Black Powder Coated Mesh Grills
Brakesafe Module
Candy Red Powder Coated Calipers
Chrysler Valve Stem Covers
Chrysler Wing Trunk Emblem
Custom 4.5” Exhaust Tips
Custom Black Special Headlights
Custom Graphite Body Kit Paint
Custom Hood with Molded Scoop
Debadged Trunk
Double LED 3rd Brakelight
LED Foglight Bulbs
LED Police Strobe Lights
LED Tail Light Bulbs
Rear Door Special Emblems
Red LED Door Handles
Red LED Grill Lights
Red LED Puddle Lights
Red LED Underbody Lights
Sarona Roof Wing
Strobe Light Kit
Switchback Front Signal Bulbs
Switchback LED Headlight Strips
Tinted 3rd Brakelight Lens
Tinted High Chrome Tails
Tinted Side Markers
Tinted Mirror Lenses
Tinted Turn Signals
White LED Plate Bulb
Wings West Trunk Wing
Yellow Tinted Foglight Lenses

Air Ride Setup

Airlift Autopilot V2 Control System
Custom Bent Hard Lines
Custom Mounted Control Panel
OEM Chrysler Struts
Specialty Suspension 3.5 Gallon Tank
Universal Air Aero Sport Airbags
Viair 380c Dual Pack Compressors

Exterior Modifications

Custom 2002 Chrysler 300M Special Trunk View

With the natural sleekness to the Chrysler 300M body, this full size luxury car has a lot to offer. Its long, low profile elongates the car making its full size classification flow from bumper to bumper. The smooth lines draw the eye along the car and are accentuated by the custom aftermarket parts. The addition of the custom touches enhance this standard elegance.

Beyond the standard luxury of the 300M, the exterior modifications create a custom vehicle. Starting with the mesh grills on the nose of the car, M-Pressive began to take a different look with a bit of edge. Keith removed a slatted stock grill and began to create the M-Pressive edge. A custom hood with an integrated hood-scoop and cowl induction give a more aggressive look.

Custom 2002 Chrysler 300M Special Exterior Side View

Tucked behind gold rims are candy red powder coded calipers giving M-Pressive a bit of edge while demanding looks. They are unique enough to stand out and draw spectators into the truck with a full size spare incorporated into the custom trunk setup. With a full air ride setup, M-Pressive achieves a low and aggressive profile. The custom paint on the cladding not only is representative of the Special but offers a bit of gloss to otherwise dull finish. Having an authentic Chrysler color with added fleck allows the cladding to stand out but maintain the integrity of the luxury vehicle.

Custom 2002 Chrysler 300M Special Exterior Side View

Taking M-Pressive to the next level with the exterior modifications are the red lighting in the door handles, puddle lights, and underbody kit. Being able to control the display of lights, Keith can customize the flash that M-Pressive shows. From the bright glow of the handles to the classy spotlights and the complete underglow, M-Pressive has the full range of exterior modifications taking competition to the next level. Then finally, fully custom LED headlight strip eyebrows allow for a dramatically current modification to fit genuinely within this 2002 M in addition to strobe lights in front and rear.

With a theme following through M-Pressive, the exterior allows for the standard luxury to maintain its integrity while being impressively enhanced with custom touches.

Custom 2002 Chrysler 300M Special Exterior Side View

From the rear, M-Pressive continues the aggressive look with 4.5" tailpipes, Sarona roof spoiler, wings sets trunk wing, all badging has been removed and a Chrysler wing marks the trunk. Custom license plates of BAGGDM ('Bagged M') clue in viewers that M-Pressive is bagged.