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Click these links to check out the specific modification pages for M-Pressive. Each one contains details about the transformation of the car from stock to show.

Mod List

Billet Tech Clear Oil Catch Can
Bored Throttle Body
Dual Cherry Bomb Glasspacks
Gold Slotted/Drilled Rotors
K&N Intake Kit
K&N Red Intake Dust Cover
V3 Intake Spacer

Performance Modifications

Custom 2002 Chrysler 300M Special Performance

While the 300M and the 300M Special are very similar in base performance, the Special came stock with dual exhaust, aggressive gearing, and better computer programming. This base package set a great starting point in which to modify.

M-Pressive has had modifications that increase performance and enhance the overall car. The K&N intake not only looks good under the hood but allows for greater airflow and more horsepower. An intake spacer has also been installed to promote airflow and make it that much more powerful. Additionally, a bored throttle body finishes off this increased airflow allowing M-Pressive to have greater performance.

Custom 2002 Chrysler 300M Special Exterior Side View

Every car of Keith's received a brake upgrade to ceramic pads and slotted/drilled rotors. The ceramic pads help to reduce brake dust and the slotted/drilled rotors offer evenly disbursed friction and heat for better braking.

Finally, M-Pressive has glasspacks installed as part of the exhaust which offer a more subdued lower rumble. The sound is great while still offering a great deal of function. This helps M-Pressive not only look good but sound good too.

Custom 2002 Chrysler 300M Special Exterior Side View